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We believe that a childs time in Snowdrops should be filled with fun and joy. We also believe that by introducing exercise at an early age we can help build a foundation for a healthy life.

Snowdrops Mini Gym

Snowdrops have just invested in Teamhops new range of GymKids. The range incorporates specially developed children’s fitness equipment, suitable for use in pre-schools, hospitals, gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and at home. The Products, which include miniature treadmills, airwalkers, rowing machines and cycling machines, have been designed to make fitness more fun for children. Products are grouped for suitability for the 3 – 5 age group, 5 - 7 age group and 7 - 11 years age group.

Fun trips to the Zoo & Newgrange Farm.

Every year we bring our over 3's on an outing or sometimes even two outings. Our favourite places to go are New Grange Farm, where Farmer Bill brings us on Tractor Ride or Dublin Zoo for lots of fun with all the lovely animals.

Buntas Start - Structured Activity.

Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged 2-5 years old. It has been designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school and playgroup leaders can provide a wide range of learning opportunities for young children to develop their fundamental motor skills, manipulative skills, co-ordination and balancing skills and develop a positive attitude to physical activity.

Buntús Start offers a combination of adult-initiated and child-led activities and enables adults to choose and plan appropriate activities as well as giving children opportunities to freely select and explore. Whilst using Buntús Start children have opportunities to develop naturally through individual involvement in physical play, small group activity and to participate in whole-group activity.

The aim of Buntús Start is:

To extend the physical, creative, personal, social and emotional capabilities of pre-school children through enjoyable, planned, physical development play activities in the areas of spatial awareness, basic motor skills, co-ordination and control skills and aiming, predicting and estimating skills.

Buntús Start offers a wealth of physical learning opportunities to enable children realise their potential and to become active and independent learners through play. Buntús Start activities help children’s learning in other curriculum areas by supporting and developing the following: